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Randwick Races Dress Standards

The Randwick races dress standards are really no different to that of any other metropolitan racetrack. Members are reminded of their responsibility of ensuring that their own attire and the attire of guests introduced into the Members’ Enclosure conform to the standards required. Coats and ties must be worn at all official functions and luncheons. Eligible owners must comply with dress requirements to obtain Members’ tickets for the day. Coats may be removed at the Chairman’s discretion on any other day.

Gentlemen are required to wear a suit, sports coat or blazer and tie, except during the period of daylight saving, when coats need not be worn, provided braces are not showing.

Unacceptable forms of attire for Gentlemen:
Any form of sports shoe such as joggers, track shoes and runners are unacceptable.
Sandals, thongs, dilapidated footwear, scuffs or slippers and any footwear without socks are not permitted.
Denim jeans, jodhpurs, shorts or non-tailored slacks, open neck shirts and shirts without a collar are unacceptable, as are baseball caps or beanies.
Pullovers or cardigans (without a jacket), rugby tops and football guernseys, even if wearing a tie are also unacceptable.

Acceptable forms of attire for Ladies:
Ladies are expected to maintain a suitable standard in keeping with the dignity of the Members’ Enclosure.

Unacceptable forms of attire for Ladies:
Shorts, jeans, denim or brief clothing are unacceptable.
Pullovers, cardigans, parkas, duffle coats or waist length jackets, jeans and shorts as outer wear are not permitted.

Running shoes including sandshoes, gym boots or thongs are also unacceptable.

*Please note: younger children accompanied by an adult must be suitably attired. Boys from 14 years of age are required to adhere to the Randwick races dress code.