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Warwick Farm Dress Standards


General Admission:
Whilst there is no ‘hard & fast rule’ regarding Warwick Farm dress standards, they to insist guests be neatly dressed. It’s a given that shoes and a shirt must be worn at all times (thongs are fine, but not encouraged). All general admission dining rooms and function venues require smart casual attire – for example: dress jeans and a nice shirt (no shorts or thongs).

Members’ Enclosure:
Members are reminded of their responsibility of ensuring that their own attire and the attire of their guests introduced into the Members Enclosure conform to standards required. It is recommended on major races days that members and guest sport ties to avoid any confrontation with overzealous racetrack security.

The bottom line is racing has become synonymous with fashion over the years; so women put on your best frocks, and men put on your best suit, and feel like a winner. Remember to stay classy and dress the part!

*For help with mens fashion and womens fashion ideas, have a look at our Australian racing fashion section.