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About Alison Triffett

Alison Triffett – Personal Stylist | Style Workshop Facilitator | Keynote Speaker

Alison is founder and director of Alison Triffett – Style Counsel. She is a Personal Stylist for private clients (men, women, teens) celebrities, photographers and the TV industry – but she doesn’t stop there! She facilitates Style Workshops covering a variety of topics designed to enhance self-confidence by giving people the tools they need to understand and express their personal style and present a positive and polished image. Style Counsel offers consultations to individuals, schools and the corporate sector. In a world which is now fast becoming even more acutely aware of the power of positive images, first impressions, and self-esteem, Alison is a personal stylist with a difference, “styling the person” – not just fashion – from the inside out! Also in high demand as a keynote speaker Alison is passionate about her job and in her element covering all things stylish!

“I firmly believe that what matters most is how you see yourself. I get up close and personal with my clients, sharing their journey towards self-confidence. I watch them truly blossom from the inside out – it doesn’t get more rewarding than that!”
About Alison
Alison’s working background is in the field of advertising, television production, and in her younger years as a Model and teacher with Elite. She knows all about “smoke and mirrors” and how image can open doors or slam them shut! She is the stylist for the presenters of the children’s show “The Shak”, and has also styled presenters of National Nine News, Extra, and worked for a number of years in production at Channel Seven – The Great South East, Creek to Coast, Queensland Weekender and Seven News. She styles real people – men and women – celebrities, photographic shoots and TV commercials, and has seen first-hand the power of being happy with your own reflection, and the importance of attention to detail and a polished appearance when you only have seconds to achieve a positive first impression!

Alison offers Corporate Styling Workshops teaching professionals that it’s just not enough to be “good at what you do” – if the image you project is far from professional, clients and colleagues may quickly lose faith in your abilities. Or worse, you may not even be given the opportunities to show what you really can do! The two must be congruent if success in the workplace is to be achieved.

Alison has been a volunteer with the Look Good Feel Better program, helping cancer patients deal with the physical changes that occur during treatment, and fully understands from personal experience, the power of looking good to really feel better. She now conducts private, corporate and school-based Style Workshops teaching the benefits of making a positive first impression, with an effective wardrobe, good self-esteem and modern manners!

“I love life, I love my family and I love my friends. I love helping my clients feel and look fabulous and feel blessed to be living in Australia and doing work that I find truly rewarding. I have a positive attitude to life and an infectious, wicked sense of humour. I try to inject humour and fun into almost everything I do – for me, it’s the only way to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune!”

Self-esteem, etiquette, confidence building – unlocking the potential in everyone to look and feel their best
Fashion, beauty and all things stylish!
The power of first impressions and great communication (dialogue, not monologue!)
Human behaviour and misbehaviour
Walking makeovers (she’ll explain if you ask her!)


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