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Horse Racing Fashion Men

Year in year out, numerous men find themselves asking the question; “what do men wear to the races?” Luckily enough for the majority of us, mens horse racing fashion dilemmas can be best solved with the k.i.s.s theory.

In other words, Keep It Simple Stupid.

It’s our aim here to supply you with all the tips you need, when it comes to picking you’re attire/suit for the races. Now all of the different Australian racetracks have a number of varied dress codes, but as a general rule of thumb; and this tradition goes back a long way, if you’re a man, you wear a suit to the races.

Basically horse racing fashion for men can be broken down into 4 categories:

  • Black Tie -Basically men wear a tuxedo.
  • Formal -Smart dark attire, tuxedo optional
  • Cocktail – Men must wear a black suit
  • Creative Black Tie – Allows trendy interpretations of formal wear.

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