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Horse Racing Fashion Women

Time and time again, I have women asking What do women wear to horse races? How do i pick the right fascinator/millinery to match my dress? How much is too much? What if I go overboard? Can you give me some womens horse racing fashion tips?” Ladies worry no longer, we aim to help you pick the right race attire, be it a long cocktail dress, or a shorter, more modern risque dress.

Horse racing fashion for women can quite simply be broken into a few categories:

We have chosen some of the seasons best dresses available online (who buys retail these days?), from the webs most trusted goods distributor Amazon.com. You will save an absolute fortune. Unlike mens horse racing fashion you have so many more options than just a dark suit, but a few things must always be remembered, when you’re a woman dressing for the races:

Be respectful of the event, be classy, and most importantly