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Horse Stud Farm Jobs South Australia

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If you are looking for a Stud or Horse Farm Jobs in South Australia be sure to follow the ads below. There are always plenty of South Australia horse stud farm jobs available; whether you are chasing a job as a stable-hand, a job using the farm machinery or one of the many other stud farm and horse racing related jobs (SA or Adelaide)

Sign up online with one of the job-finder network it’s fast, easy and there are generally heaps of jobs in South Oz available.

Stable hand
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  • Kirsty March 14, 2017, 6:26 pm

    my name is Kirsty. I am 20 years old and on the hunt for a new career.
    Im currently applying everywhere I can find as I really want to get out of retail as I’ve worked for the same company for nearly 5 years.
    Im currently applying for anything to do with horses full time. I know its going to be a challenge for me as I have only just got back into horses and nobody wants to take a chance on a newcomer.
    I have volunteered at Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation for a few months in my spare time, grooming, feeding and mucking out horses , i then went on and purchased my first horse Andy a 5 yo 16’3 Standardbred gelding through them who was unbroken. Since I’ve had him I’ve done an array of groundwork sessions with him and a few desensitisation lessons with him , as well as getting him over his fear of people being up above to now under saddle his on to his 4th ride.

    I am a very committed honest and reliable person, who has a passion and willing to please. I’d love to be able to do something I love and be taught more horsemanship skills.

    thankyou for your time.
    kirsty. kirsty.96@hotmail.com

  • John Druett February 15, 2017, 2:26 am

    Hi, I’m john. I have extensive experience on the farm side of thorough bred studs. I worked for Coolmore Australia for over 8 years and kirks bridge farm for a year before hand. I am looking for work in South Australia. My main job was irrigation, but I can do almost anything on the farm. I have cert 3 in agriculture, horticulture and land management including AQF3 chemical ticket, level 2 chainsaw operations, front end loader licence and WHS.

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