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Horse Stud Farm Jobs WA And Perth

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If you are looking for a Stud or Horse Farm Jobs in Perth Australia be sure to follow the ads below. There are always plenty of Perth horse stud farm jobs available; whether you are chasing a job as a stable-hand, a job using the farm machinery or one of the many other stud farm and horse racing related jobs (WA); new positions are constantly opening up.

Sign up online with this job-finder network itโ€™s fast, easy and there are heaps of jobs available. It doesn’t take long to get out of Perth itself, and this lends itself to being surrounded by farm land and horse studs of all types. Staff movement can be high, so the number of farm jobs in around Perth is usually pretty high.

Stud Farm
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  • Melanie McAullay February 2, 2016, 12:34 am

    I’m 29, born in busselton, western australia, ive grown up around horse’s, and first started learning stud work at Claire Fontaine horse stud in Ruabon, i moved from my home on a cattle and horse property to capel, at that time i started work at Korilya horse stud in forrest beach, i stopped stud work for awhile and started work at a dog kennel and childcare centre, i missed the stud world and went back to work at Oakland park stud in Vasse. At all studs i was involved in the breeding, weaning, and yearling sale prep, and all sides of stud work. Ive since had 4 children of my own and now need to get back into work. Ive ridden off the track Tbs and rehomed them in my time off and live with my current pony in oakford with my family and never far from the racing track.
    Please contact me for any other information.

  • aleece September 22, 2014, 8:09 pm

    25 year old highly experianced horse
    with show
    and reeducation and training
    with most breeds but specialising in tb and stb
    to heavy to ride but should be down at 70 by jan ๐Ÿ™‚
    hold cert 3 in racing
    cert 3 in breeding
    completed track riders
    and held strapers with rawwa

  • Rachael September 13, 2014, 9:10 am


    I am a 23 year old from Ireland. I have over 15 years riding experience and 4 years teaching experience.

    I am looking to apply for my 2nd year visa and would be willing to take on equine/animal work to qualify.

    Please contact me if you have any job vacancies.

  • Samuele August 21, 2014, 2:31 pm

    I’m an Italian boy of 28 years old and on September 29th I will arrive in Australia in Perth.
    I’d like to be able to work to request the second working holiday visa.
    I have over 15 years of experience in the world of horses and learned to ride saddle with both American and English.

    Please contact me at mail: samuelelorenzetti@libero.it
    Thank you.

  • Jordan August 18, 2014, 6:52 am

    My name is Jordan, I am a 23 year old male recently arrived from the u.k here in perth, I have plenty of equine experience owning horses myself, I would be looking to work with trotters/pacing horses, I have over 10 years experience in this field, although would consider being a general stable hand to,
    any questions feel free to drop me an email

  • dawn March 24, 2014, 12:58 am

    hi my name is dawn
    im a 24 year old irish girl looking to do my regional work to get my 2nd year visa.
    i was borm and raised working with and riding horses.
    my dad is a racehorse trainer and also does a bit of breeding and preping foals and yearlings for sales.

    from a young age i have been riding ponys and then as i got older race horses.
    i would lead up regularly at the races and have lots of experience.

  • Samuel Mussner March 7, 2014, 7:33 pm

    Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

    My name is Samuel, I’m 24 years old from Italy. I’m a backpacker and search for work on a horse farm becouse I love horses and know how to ride (not perfect).
    I’m a hard worker, a handyman and a quick lernen. I need a job to extend my visa and to earn some money to continue my tripp all aeound australia, half way is done ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please call me ๐Ÿ™‚ 0403976615
    I speak fluent Italien, German, Ladin, good englisch and french and i can cook.
    In 2009 I get my degree in hotel managemwnt and worked since then in professionan kitchen. And so I can work under stress and many hours a day ๐Ÿ™‚
    I worked in Sydney as a chef and in wolgoolga as maintenence.

    I don’t have any car and need due to that accomodation.
    Please call me

  • Nora Gloeckler March 18, 2013, 3:24 am

    my name is Nora and I am a motivated, reliable girl from Germany. I am searching for work as soon as possible around Perth. Because of my experience with horses I would like to work on a range or farm. I am hard working, flexible and open for any kind of job.
    Please call me: 0432110141
    Thanks, hope to see you soon!

  • Libby Lee March 4, 2013, 8:25 am


    My name is Libby, a working holiday visa holder. I really need a job. Please offer me a job. Thank you so much!

    I can be reached by email : libbylee678@gmail.com

  • Nele Oehmen March 7, 2012, 8:53 pm

    Hey, we are two german girls looking for a job on a racing stud.
    Both of us have a lot of experiences with horses as we are riding our whole lives. My friend grew up on a stud herself with up to 50 horses. She had to work, ride and help handeling the horses at home for the past 15 years, so she is really practiced in the treatment of horses.
    I am into dressage and showjumping since I am five years old and compete on medium level with my own horse in Germany. I also used to work on a stud for the past three years breaking in and training young horses before I came to Australia. Near Brisbane I worked on the “Belcam Klatte Farm” where I rode horses for Ulrich Klatte and Tor van den Berge.

    We are looking for work as soon as possible and are looking forward to every labour which has to do with the treatment of horses.

    call: 0449 117 626 or 0477 070 592

  • Christoffer Franzรฉn February 16, 2012, 1:09 am

    Hi there, My name is Chris and I’m a young guy from Denmark ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking for work on a farm to extend my working holiday visum and for the fun and experience.
    I’m a hardworking and enthustiatic guy, and while I maybe don’t got that much experience as most who writes in here, I’m a fast learner and reliable.
    I know how to ride a Motorbike or a ATV, I’m fun and like to be social with others and honest.
    I’m not the kind that minds getting my hands dirty and neither do i mind hard work. Work all day? Fine. Work all week? Fine by me. All I’m asking for is free accomendation, meals and a minimum of payment.
    I hope there could some kind of place for me with some of you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    With the best regards and loud cheers!
    Chris ๐Ÿ™‚

    Phone – 0405045561
    Mail – Christoffer@tardum.dk

  • Aaron Uthoff September 11, 2011, 6:53 am

    Hi there,
    My name is Aaron Uthoff. I just arrived in Perth last week and am looking for a fun job in the farming industry. I am enquiring about a position available. I am a 23 year old man from America on work holiday. I was raised on a cattle farm in Wickenburg, Arizona and have experience with horses for all my life. I have also worked with cattle, buffalo and an array of other livestock for many years. I would be obliged to be a hand on your estate. Please inform me as to whether the position is still available. I may be reached by either this email address or by phone: 0413900152. Thank you and have a great day. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Aaron Uthoff

  • Orash Tehrani June 29, 2011, 9:41 am

    I am a 22 year old male, looking for an earn & learn experience in the stud farm business. I have appeared for my final semester, graduating in Bachelor of Business Administration and awaiting my results.

    I have been riding since I was 7 years old, totaling 15 years of riding experience at the Japalouppe Equestrian Centre, Pune, India (www.horseridingcamps.net ). Presently working in the same place during vacations as :

    Assistant Instructor
    ๏ฎ Conducting riding lessons for beginners
    ๏ฎ Schooling and working horses
    ๏ฎ Helping with stable management
    ๏ฎ Assisting veterinarian in medicating and dressing horses
    ๏ฎ Dealing with potential clients for membership requirements

    I have continued riding and watched my hobby turn into a passion and hope that my passion turns not just a career but a way of life. I am prepared to take up a certification course while I work my way through.

    CV and referees available on request, for enquiries please contact me (Orash Tehrani) at orashtehrani@hotmail.com

    Contact me at +91 9960337985

  • Mona April 5, 2011, 11:27 pm

    Hello, we are two german girls, who would love to do some farm work for a month starting asap.We are in Perth at the moment, so something not far from here would be great.
    We can do any job supporting the farm, and we are very willing to learn and hard workers.
    So if someone has a job for us, we would be more than happy to hear back from you. Our number is: 0422756681
    Mona and Franzi

  • Brittany houghton March 5, 2011, 4:42 am

    Hi, my name is Brittany Houghton, currently 20years of age, I am training to be a veterinary nurse and animal trainer and am after some more experience with horses. It can be paid or unpaid I don’t mind I am just willing to learn as it is where my passion is.
    I have 5 years riding experience and have a very strong love for animals. My contact email is brittanyhoughton@hotmail.com
    Please let me know if you have any opportunities, I would dearly appreciate it.
    Kind regards,
    Brittany Houghton

  • Nora February 25, 2011, 11:39 pm

    Hi my name is Nora, I’m 24 and from Ireland. I’ve been in Australia since the end of September, living and working in Sydney. I would like to do three months regional work from the start of April. I come from a farming background at home and have worked on a thoroughbred horse farm while at school and college during weekends and holidays. The work involved looking after foals and preparing three and four year old’s for sales. I haven’t done this type of work in a couple of years but would love to get the opportunity to do it again. I’m open to any suggestions at this stage. I am a very hard worker and I’m sure it won’t take me long to learn the ropes again! My number is 0405755327. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • hamid bilal February 10, 2011, 1:29 am

    hey im looking for work on a farm in perth plz contact me on 0415099538 thanks

  • hamid bilal February 10, 2011, 1:27 am

    hi im looking for work on a farm in perth for about half a year i from england and im 22 and am every hard working and happy to do any job.

  • Eva Singer February 5, 2011, 9:26 pm

    Hello, Iโ€™m Eva a german girl and iโ€™m looking for a farmjob or a horsejob.

    I have already farm experience and also with hoses.
    I worked in australia on a horseranch with racehorses for 4 weeks and on a sheepstation for 3 weeks.

    Iโ€™m very interessted in working with horses, i have experience for 12 years, as well with difficult horses.
    I can can ride dressage, jumping and i was a ridingteacher for 1 year in germany.

    Iโ€™m a quick and willing learner and can work hard, iโ€™m a friendly person with a smile on my face all the time!

    I want to work for 2-3 Month around Perth.

    Please contact me: Eva-S91@gmx.de


  • Eva Singer February 5, 2011, 9:16 pm

    Hello, I’m Eva a german girl and i’m looking for a farmjob or a horsejob.

    I have already farm experience and also with hoses.
    I worked in australia on a horseranch with racehorses for 4 weeks and on a sheepstation for 3 weeks.

    I’m very interessted in working with horses, i have experience for 12 years, as well with difficult horses.
    I can can ride dressage, jumping and i was a ridingteacher for 1 year in germany.

    I’m a quick and willing learner and can work hard, i’m a friendly person with a smile on my face all the time!

    I want to work for 2-3 Month around Perth.


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