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Racehorse Insurance

It’s so important to remember that when buying, selling or racing a horse; that you must have specialist race horse insurance. The insurance can be designed to cover anything from loss of income through injury, transporting the animal, disease and various other things.

We can refer you to a specialist racehorse insurance agent in Australia – as there is a wide range of thoroughbred  insurance including:

  • Racehorse Transit Insurance
  • Stallion Insurance Infertility
  • Stallion Loss of Income
  • Unborn Foal Insurance
  • Mare Barrenness Insurance
  • Embryo Transfer Insurance – Horses
  • Racehorse Stud Liability – Care, Custody & Control
  • Racehorse Insurance for Syndicated Horses
  • Theft & Unlawful Removal Insurance
  • Mortality Insurance

* Remember that not all life insurance contracts are fail-safe, so ensure you purchase the right insurance policy for your particular needs.

Information on insurance for racehorses